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Hi there!

I am currently working as a Senior Product Developer at AND Digital, working across clients including Costa Coffee and Avon. Covering everything from evaluating and producing POC work, to being the technical lead on larger scale international projects.

I use agile and TDD to build quality code in deliverable increments. I am communicative and personable, being able to build relationships with stakeholders and work with people with different roles and experience.

I also work hard to train and mentor developers around me, and often run trainings and lunch and learns to expand the knowledge of wider teams about different technologies or concepts.

Jun 2014 - Jan 2017

Senior Client Engineer

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In this role I led the Retail Client Engineering team, servicing several million pounds worth of contracts across a global client list.

  • I implemented A/B testing and analytics tools, and advised on best practices.
  • I mentored and trained team members, as well as clients and new engineers.
  • I was heavily involved with many projects beyond my day to day, including going on salespitches, building extra internal tooling, and helping to organise meetups.
Jan 2017 - Jan 2018

Product Manager

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I started this role with a focus on product managing the developer experience, I later moved into the role of managing email abandonment, social proof, and user management.

  • I researched the technical feasibility and business potential of different ideas, before presenting them to senior management, including C-level.
  • I dealt with pressure from many different stakeholders with competing priorities.
Feb 2018 - Apr 2019

Senior Product Developer

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I came to AND wanting to gain experience in a range of technical skills as well as expand my methods of management and coaching.

  • At Costa I acted as a lead full-stack engineer on a greenfield React/AEM project, planning the architecture of how the frontend, backend, and external API services would all come together.
  • I worked closely with the AEM Lead and other team members to plan each stage of the project and get the most out of all technologies involved.

Other stuff

Cult of Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum emojis to vastly improve slack communication. www.cultofjeffgoldblum.com

More to come once I get them deployed hereabouts...